Blue Light Technology


Get ready to dazzle


What it means for women who ain't got no time for that !

Imagine being gorgeous in an instant, ready for anything at anytime, anywhere – whatever life throws at you, you’ve got it covered.

With just one brush, your teeth are instantly whiter thanks to the Blue Light Technology in Closeup Diamond Attraction. No planning ahead, and hoping for the best. And no costly expensive treatments. Just look fabulous, and camera ready  in a flash.

It’s an instant boost to your confidence, too!

It’s been proven that a bright white smile is one of the most powerful influences on self-perception and overall attractiveness. Transforming your overall appearance with a white smile can give you the confidence to date or go for that promotion you’ve always wanted. You aren’t held back by self-doubt and you’ll notice people are instantly drawn to you because of it.

It’s safe to smile!
What’s just as great is Blue Light Technology has no bleach and is safe on teeth –  the instant effects are optical, so there are no extreme measures involved.

Regular use of the product also ensures whiter teeth thanks to the ingredient, silica.  So you can have your white smile in an instant, and you can have it in the months to come!

Blue Light Technology

What could be better than something you love, sticking around for longer?

“Blue Light Technology means a whole list of instants for me. Instant confidence,  instant attractiveness, instant relationships,  instant kissa-bility and instant ‘wow’ factor  at the shows !”

– Fashion blogger, a regular at runway shows

How does Closeup’s  Blue Light Technology work?

“The latest advances in cosmetic dentistry have combined to create Blue Light Technology which acts as the active ingredient for whitening. With just one brush, a blue film coats your teeth –
this creates an optical effect that makes teeth appear whiter in an instant.”
- Closeup cosmetic dentist